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The Geekly News: 29 May 2010

Just a quick writeup for yesterday, because the focus was really still on the Licence2Play gaming convention. Both The Straits Times and The New Paper had stories of their own covering the event, and mostly focusing on the release of Starcraft II.

Some things of not – looks like I made a mistake in pricing, it’s not SGD$106 but SGD$109… that’s not an improvement for sure. But so the harsh reality sets in, with a new distributor we get new pricing… I wonder if they did take the US pricing of USD$59.99 and multiplied it with the current exchange rate… (about x1.42, give or take.) Not quite $109 is it?

Another thing I forgot to mention in the previous post was the gameplay – for those who don’t know about it yet. It’s… pretty much the same. I only played Zerg, and now you need a Zerg queen to create more creep – that I took a while to figure out. Other than that, everything else was really familiar. The graphics were just beautiful, even on a lowly laptop GPU, so I can’t wait to see it on high res with all the effects in. Oooh, all that pulsating goodness!

It’s the last day for Licence2Play today, so if there’s something you want to check out, don’t forget! Singapore Expo – 11am to 9pm.

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