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Sword Art Online: Lost Song ‘will be for everyone’

The upcoming Sword Art Online: Lost Song will be “enjoyable for everyone”, said producer Yosuke Futami at the GameStart Asia interview sessions held right before the actual event. Based on the light novel series and anime, Sword Art Online already has various gaming adaptations, but it looks like the next game aims to attract even more fans to the series.

It’s an exciting time for Futami, this being the first time he gets to present the game in Singapore. Fans headed to GameStart Asia will be able to check out a preview trailer of the game and meet the producer himself. Sadly, there’s no playable demo yet.

But that’s because it’s still early days in development, with the game just 50 to 60 per cent done. The game is set to be released next year – Futami can’t confirm the exact date of release yet, saying that it will be “not too late”. It’ll be released on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita by Bandai Namco Games, and will be released with English localisation.

Yosuke Futami. Photo: GameStart Asia
Yosuke Futami. Photo: GameStart Asia

And while this might be another title in the series, Futami says he wishes to “enhance the experience for the gamers”, with a new story based off the original series and set in a new location, Svart Alfheim. And while the game is aimed at fans, Futami also wants to “make it enjoyable for everyone” – as long as you’re into some good action.

While previous Sword Art games were action RPGs, Lost Song is going to be more of an action game, with 360° flight battles a key component. This involves a smooth transition between ground and sky battles, allowing the player to take to the sky whenever he wants to. For Futami, the sky battles are the main aspect of the game that would make it a must-buy for gamers – fans or not.

You can check out Sword Art Online: Lost Song at GameStart Asia this weekend. More details on the show here.


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