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Road to STGCC 2011 Roundup: Game Edition

We’ve already covered Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention’s Toy selection this year, and I know quite a few toy collectors are already quite excited. And now it’s on to the “game” section of the whole convention, which covers the range from analog to digital games!

Perhaps the biggest news is how Nintendo will be having their own booth there. Interestingly it’s actually going to be run by local distro Maxsoft, so I’m not sure what they have planned here. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is on the books, and I’m sure they’ll show more of the 3DS and the Wii.
UPDATE: Maxsoft will be running a 3DS streetpass competition!

Rapid Culture’s going to be waving the analog gaming flag with the help of Genesis Frontier and Bushiroad Card Games, and there’s going to be an exclusive, featuring tons of new boosters for their various card games. They’ll also be holding card tournaments and workshops for those wanting to pick it up!

Video games event producer SGFinest will also be there, featuring Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds – I’m guessing they might even have a tournament there.

Finally, Harris Planerds will probably be there with some games of the analog sort too, likely featuring board games and maybe even some heroclix! Here’s hoping they bring some of their SDCC stash there too.

So what do you think of the games? Personally we’re hoping for a surprise Dance Central 2 booth…


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