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PlayStation VR Marvel’s Iron Man launches 3 July, demo out now

The PlayStation VR game Marvel’s Iron Man VR will finally be released on 3 July! On the very same day, Sony Interactive Entertainment Singapore will also be releasing an all-in-one bundle, retailing at S$499.

The All-In-One Pack includes a PS VR Headset, PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move Motion Controllers, a Blu-Ray disc of the game, as well as digital download codes for Marvel’s Iron Man VR PS4 Dynamic Theme and 4 Custom Deco Armours for the game.

(Photo: SIES)

And if you can’t wait to play as Tony Stark (and own the PS VR), the demo is out now on the PlayStation store. The extended demo comes with quite a few missions, and is touted to be just a small slice of the main game.

The booth at GameStart 2019. (Photo: Alvin Chong)

Marvel’s Iron Man VR has you donning Tony Stark’s famous suit. After several years as a world-famous Iron Man, Tony is attacked by the mysterious Ghost, a hacker and anti-corporate activist who repurposes old Stark Industries weapons. In her efforts to topple his empire, Ghost attacks Stark’s corporate locations around the world, leading to ever escalating stakes and a final showdown.

(Photo of my thanks to Jake!)

We’ve tried the demo at the GameStart 2019, and it was pretty fun though you definitely had to get used to the controls. Looking forward to this!

No word if you’ll get to re-enact this scene.

Marvel’s Iron Man VR will be launched 3 July.


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