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DISCLAIMER: The original story was written when there was confusion between Marvel’s two new mobile apps, Marvel: War of Heroes and Marvel: Avengers Initiative. The story has been corrected to reflect only information pertinent to Marvel: War of Heroes. I apologise for the confusion.

Adi Granov’s art will enhance the gameplay (Credit: CBR)

If there’s one thing Marvel has got going for them, it would be their relentless drive at reaching out to new fans and old through new media. In addition to their hugely popular comic book arc Avengers vs X-Men and their box-office record-breaking movie, Marvel’s The Avengers, Marvel is also responsible for the extremely popular Facebook app Marvel: Avengers Alliance, which has since garnered over 2 million dedicated players since its debut earlier this year.

Hot on the heels of comes a new social network based game from Marvel – this time for iOS and Android devices. Called Marvel: War of Heroes, it also credits DeNa and subsidiary ngmoco:), creators of the Rage of Bahamut and upcoming Transformers: Battle apps, so you know there’s going to be some pedigree to the game. Described as a digital trading card game, where players collect different heroes and team them up in quick online battles. Sound familiar? It should – the basic mechanics of the game seem pretty similar to Avengers Alliance.

Unlike the other newly announced app from Marvel, Avengers Initiative, this game sounds like it is going to be a stand-alone app with a story set outside what is now being known as the Marvel Gaming Universe – i.e. Avengers Alliance and Avengers Initiative. Part of the draw of the game is the artwork, that will be from renown comic book artists, including Adi Granov, who is able to make just about anyone or anything look good, and Sana Takeda, whose manga inspired artwork is bound to appeal to fans worldwide.

So pre-register now at their website ( to get a special bonus character and possibly other early bird bonuses! The app is scheduled for this Fall and will probably be released free-of-charge.

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