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Moar XCOM Demo Hacks

Am I insane over XCOM? Yes I am. And so are the guys over on the firaxis forums. They’ve made a hack for the Steam Demo and it’s really fun. The undoctored demo is really good for newcomers to the game, but it wasn’t until I upped the difficulty and met some more aliens that it really started to sing. In my last play through a Muton munched through my entire 6-man squad.

It felt like home.

I don’t feel good just hotlinking something that a hardcore fanboy made so why don’t you head over to his thread, download the hack and maybe say see what’s going on?

Protip 1: Ignore all the crazy troll neckbeards who say new XCOM sucks because it’s not old X-COM. They’re still stuck in 1994.

Protip 2: If you actually use the hack do so at your own risk. Firstly, it is after all a HACK, so it may bugger up your demo game. All I’ve had were slight animation glitches, but I’ve heard of more significant things like hangs and weird enemy spawns and the like. Secondly, but also very importantly, it gives you the option to select end game aliens and weapons, so YOU WILL BE SPOILERED. You have been warned.


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  1. Pro tip 3: It doesn’t just suck, it sucks more than anythign that has ever sucked before. They took a tactically brilliant and difficult game and made it in to a first person shooter when you control more than one toon. It’s pathetic on so many levels I literally do not have the time to give a list, but if you demand one believe me it will be forthcoming.

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