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Mega Man X hits mobile with Megaman X DiVE

A new game in the Mega Man X series, Megaman X DiVE (aka RockMan X DiVE) is coming in 2019 – and this time it’s for iOS and Android. Check out the trailer above.

Produced by Capcom Taiwan, the new mobile game will feature the gameplay of Megaman X. You know how it works in all its retro glory: Side-scrolling action, big boss fights, and unlocking new weapons after each boss fight.

Of Deep Logs and Mavericks

The game features a new story, where the game data of the Megaman X series was stored in the computer world called “Deep Log”. “Deep Log” enters an abnormal condition, and Mavericks start spawning, destroying the world and even deleting players’ memories of Megaman X.


With “Deep Log” in chaos, it is up to you to repair it with the characters from Megaman X Command Mission and the Megaman X series, such as X, Zero, Axl and more.

3D “depth of field” graphics

The in-game graphics will also get spiffed up for mobile, and you can jump, climb, dash, and shoot in “3D”. That’s not the say the old side-scrolling gameplay is now a third-person shooter, just that the game will have “depth of field” elements. It doesn’t look too different in the short snippets we can see in the trailer, so I guess we’ll have to see it in action!

You can also head over to the RockMan X DiVE Facebook page and share the following post before Aug 12 to win prizes:

You can also visit the official website here for more info.

Megaman X DiVE is coming in 2019.


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