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Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time apparates 15 May

While a relatively popular anime on Netflix, the magical world of Little Witch Academia is about to hit the PlayStation 4 and PCs in Singapore with the release of Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time on 15 May 2018. You can check out the opening movie trailer above.

The 3D action side-scrolling JRPG beat ’em up will star aspiring witch Akko in a new storyline that fits into the anime series by production company Studio Trigger. The game will star the other main characters, such as Sucy and Lotte, as well have animated cutscenes by Trigger just for the game. 

While the opening movie trailer doesn’t tell us much about the game, the following video gives us a better look into what you’ll be getting yourself into:

If you’re not familiar with Little Witch Academia, think of it like Harry Potter in Japan, but only for witches. Akko is a young aspiring witch, and together with her friends they have to get themselves out of a groundhog day situation – or else they won’t be able to enjoy their holidays! Thinking back on my time as a student, that would be a massive horror, indeed.

Check out the new screenshots, all thanks to Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia, below too:

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time will be released 15 May 2018 on PS4 and PC (Steam) as digital releases only.



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