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Let’s Play: XCOM 2: War of the Chosen Part 5

Death is the Ultimate Debuff

Commander’s Note:

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August 2035

Wes wasn’t with the Warlock! I don’t get it! He wasn’t with the Warlock!

August was technically a great run. We had a high ranking ADVENT officer defect over to our camp (Elliot, his name was). He had information on where the Warlock’s lair was. He even personally walked us into the gorram place!

We jumped at the chance, of course. Esther, our new Psi-Ops member was itching to try out her new powers, and I have to admit I almost feel sorry for the Elders now. Having a mind controlled Andromedon as a walking meat shield sure helps keep the body count down. That, and having a psychic lance of power as a ‘get out of jail free’ card, really allowed us to run riot all over the Warlock. Hell, Ben even fed the warlock a face full of his sister’s shotgun shells.

But Wes wasn’t with him.

He wasn’t with the Berserker queen either. Good lord, that was scary. Dropping into a base manned by a enraged Berserker chock full with psychotropic compounds, steroids, and god know what else Vahlen cooked up. It’s a good thing Wil and Dawn were on that mission. Reaper in shadow and a high ranking sniper scared her off quickly enough. We’ll get her next time.

We can only surmise that the Hunter has him. Until then, we’ll burn down every fucking Xenos we see. ADVENT’s running scared. It should be.

September 2035

The Skirmishers are quickly becoming our staunchest, and most valuable allies. Aside from the odd (admittedly very valuable) volunteer, the Reapers and Templars have not contributed as much. In comparison, the Skirmishers are with us through thick and thin. They have stared down the barrel of an enemy plasma rifle, and they have sacrificed people for the cause. I guess they have as much desire to take back their humanity as us, if not more so.

And they helped us yet again. Elliot finally got back to us on where Wes was being held. An ADVENT holding facility, where he had worked in before. Intel was good, but the base was locked up so tight that we had to take only a handful of men. Ben went, as did Esther (my new auto-include). Yun and Dawn were still recuperating, so I brought Colonel Elydis Neo, in case we needed more Pew Pew.

It went like clockwork. The team managed to skirt all the troops until we hit the roof of where Wes was being held. Ben ran in, Esther mind controlled another poor Xenos (to run interference), and Elydis blasted a hole in the wall for auto-exfiltration. We didn’t kill everyone in the base, but that wasn’t what we were there for.

It would, however, be the order of business for the next few missions.

Wes was chomping a the bit to get revenge for being captured for so long, and soon he started a friendly rivalry with Krasus for who would be first into the fray, deepest into enemy territory, and get the most melee kills. Most people put their money on Ben, but there was a certain… unhinged determination in Wes that actually saw him emerge the victor every now and then, much to the surprise of all of us in XCOM. I suppose it was to be expected that Ben and Wes eventually bond over number of kills.

I feel like we’re in the final push. We’ve killed two of the Chosen, and we’ve been slowly piecing together what the Elders are doing on Earth. We even have their own tech to use against them; Ben and Russ rock-paper-scissors before every Op to see who gets to use the Assassin’s shotgun and katana, and the hidden stash of Alien Hunter eq has really been helping the team. Heck, the Berserker Queen died in a recent foray just because we were able to lob a freeze bomb and then unload everything we had on her.

Tygan even says that we might be able to get a useful set of armor from the Queen’s remains. I have no idea what it would smell like wearing something like that, but to ADVENT, I suppose it must smell like fear.

Commander’s Note:

When we rescued Cpl Wes, he was waaaay too low to hang around with Colonels. Plus we just got a new Templar. So I renamed new Templar Wes and he’s now instant buddies with Ben!

Also, I REALLY love that poster at the top of this post. I love that Glynnis survived that ill-fated mission that killed everyone (Zack included), they got a poster of her, and here’s a picture of her, with that very same old poster in the background! Procedural storytelling!


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