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Let’s Play: War of the Chosen Part Six

Deus Ex

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November 2035

We’re going to win. It’s so close. I can feel it, and I swear the Elders know it too. Sure, the hunter hounded us all the way while we continued to our investigation into the Elders’ objective on Earth, but it seems like when the Chosen were studying Wes, he was studying them right back. He’s able to take advantage of every weakpoint, and drive the Hunter back every time.

 It was the same thing at the portal. The Hunter was there, and he must have brought every chrysalid left on Earth, and a Gatekeeper besides. Fat lot of good that did him. Time was finally on our side. As were Ben and Russ, or ‘Krasus’ and ‘Solitaire’ as they like to be called now. I’ll call them whatever they want; they were like two forces of nature on the battlefield, cutting down every chrysalid that got to them.

And the hunter? He never stood a chance. We stabbed him at the portal, and we followed him right back to his lair as he fled. Ben and Wes tag-teamed him again, and he went down like so many ADVENT burgers.

We had already found out about the AVATAR project, and we even got the Archon King (the Viper sadly never showed his face every again). We could’ve made our final move on ADVENT then and there, but as I said, time was finally on our side. With ADVENT on the backfoot, I wanted to make sure we had everything we needed to drive them back for good.

And today’s the day.

I had Tat and and Esther infiltrate ADVENT tower. They made short work of the troops in there. I think Esther even scared some Archons off the tower, wearing the skin of their Ruler like that. But their pirate broadcast was only the beginning.

Now I step into the portal with my best and brightest. Wish me luck.

Commander’s Note:

And that’s the end. I’m not going to write about the final mission because [REDACTED]. Sorry this took so long. They’re still right about XCOM2 frontloading all the difficulty. Once the Chosen are gone and you have enough safety nets (ie mimic beacons, armor, freeze bombs and the like), the ending, while not exactly a cakewalk, becomes much less risky.

And COME ON, the Hunter being brittle AND weak to Templars, when I have a Colonel Templar, and two Colonel Rangers (who I totally teched to Blademasters cos my friends are all bloodthirsty melee maniacs)? No chance.

That being said, have some cool pictures I couldn’t squeeze in.

Jack ‘Von Doom’ was my only Sniper Sharpshooter (all the rest were primarily pistoliers), and while he seldom saw play (the movement of the pistoliers are way too useful), he’s insane when he can set up. There was one mission where he DFA’ed like a few vipers and possibly an Alien ruler, and here he’s killing an Avatar and  two mutons in one kill-zone reaction with the Hunter’s Sniper rifle.

An alternate poster of the satellite tower mission. Too cool to not include.


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