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Last Monster Hunter World Beta 19-22 January!

I’m so excited. I don’t know what I was getting myself into, since I’ve never played Monster Hunter short of the Monster Hunter World betas. But I’m definitely looking forward to the launch on the 26th of January.


If you’re as excited as me (or curious about what I’m going crazy over), there’s one more open beta from the 19th to 22nd of January, for all PS4 players. It even has a new quest for the ones who got bored of the same 3 quests in betas number one and two: Nergigante, who is apparently souped up during the upcoming beta to make it a REAL battle.

It’s maddening that Xbox One players aren’t able to get in on the fun, but it makes sense if this beta was really just the PS4 demo build that was in games cons, and no Xbox One version exists. At the very least Xbox One players won’t need to wait as long as PC players, who only get it in fall 2018.

A few more good things to note though: we get a new free monster DLC on release! Apparently Deviljho is a big deal? Also, Capcom has said that they plan to keep the monsters as free DLCs, which is a lot classier than a lot of the other games developers out there.

So, in recap:

This weekend. No Monster Hunter World.

Next weekend. Monster Hunter World final beta.

Weekend after that. Monster Hunter World release!

I can’t wait/


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