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Introducing Magic Duels: Origins

It’s certainly an exciting time to be gaming online especially if you are a fan of collectible card games (CCG) such as Magic: The Gathering as Wizards of the Coast will be launching their highly-anticipated Magic Duels: Origins in July.

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The original Magic: The Gathering CCG allows players to build personalized decks using cards they collect through booster packs and trading with friends. With over 20 millions players and fans worldwide, you can bet that this new online version of the game is something a lot of gamers are looking forward to.

Magic Duels: Origins will launch on iOS in the Apple Apps Store in July, and later on Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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If you are not familiar with Magic: The Gathering gameplay or mythology, don’t fret as there’ll be tutorials and deck construction guidance available. This is a game that’s very much designed for beginners. And even if you are a seasoned player, you’ll need to play through the various Planeswalkers’ storylines to unlock some of the more essential color cards. Plus the Planeswalkers’ origin stories are exclusive to this online game.

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We saw a quick demo of the game and were very impressed. There are just so many new and improved gaming features in Magic Duels: Origins.

  • A full Magic Origins card pool similar to what’s available as its offline card set. That means you’ll see the first-ever playable Planeswalkers too.
  • Free-to-play as everything is earnable so get ready to start grinding!
  • Earn gold through daily or weekly quests, to buy booster packs. Each pack will contain 6 cards, with one rare and one uncommon. There’ll even be the familiar pack-crackling sound effect as you open each pack!
  • Tired of opening booster packs for foil cards? Just pay gold to turn your regular cards into foils instantly!
  • Take your pick from solo battles with AI or multiplayer options such as the fan-favorite Two-Headed Giant.
  • There is no limit to the number of decks you can have in your collection.
  • When you already have the maximum number of the same card in your digital collection, you won’t see it again in your booster packs thus increasing your chances of getting other cards you need.

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Besides the exciting online features, we also found out some interesting news about the game. There will be no cross-promotion between the online and offline card sets. No plans yet for other formats such as Modern or Commander, or even sanctioned tournaments in Magic Duels: Origins. You won’t find any alternate card art in this set but anything’s possible in the future. The next set Battle for Zendikar is scheduled for release on time as its offline counterpart in early October.

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This is a game that a lot of gamers are waiting for as well as hoping that it’ll recapture the excitement and fun of the original game. What we have seen looks extremely promising. The free gameplay, customized deck construction, expanded card pool are what we have always wanted and finally got in Magic Duels: Origins. How smooth the game runs, waiting time and other technical issues are likely to be the only things that could prevent an otherwise positive experience. Well, that’s something we’ll just have to wait and see. For now we are definitely excited for the game and prepared for many hours of dueling ahead.


Melvin Yong has worked way too long in the media and advertising industry. He now spends his time with his family, writing short horror stories and playing lots of board games.

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