Linksys launches new WiFi 6 mesh router to future-proof your home

Linksys has added another router to its WiFi 6 range today, with the launch of the Linksys MR9600 (AX6000) router. If your router has been the bottleneck during your work from home journey, this is something to consider.

Priced at S$499 (with discounts for Challenger ValueClub members), the Linksys MR9600 offers 6.0 Gbps of speed and coverage of up to 3,000 feet. WiFi 6 technology allows it to offer up to 4x more capacity than previous generations, which means you can connect more than 40 devices at the same time without any lag for streaming Netflix or hardcore gaming.

The Linksys MR9600 also comes with Linksys’s Intelligent Mesh Technology, allowing you to use it to link to other mesh compatible Linksys routers to expand your home network. (What, 3,000 feet isn’t enough?)

The router is easily set up on any Android or iOS device using the Linksys App. After setup is complete, you can control features such as guest access, parental controls, and device prioritisation, all from your phone.

“Stable internet connection has never been more important than it is now with so many users having to juggle work and leisure at home,” said Jenny Ng, General Manager for Asia.

A New WiFi 5 Model

For those working on a tighter budget, Linksys has also announced its new MAX-STREAM Mesh WiFi 5 MR6350 (AC1300) Router. It will be available later this year.


Priced at S$149 and touted to be wallet-friendly yet still versatile and future-proof, the Linksys MR6350 is also mesh compatible. It covers up to 1,200 square feet and handles up to 12 devices at speeds up to 1.3Gbps for your streaming and gaming needs.

The Linksys MR9600 WiFi 6 mesh router is now available exclusively at Challenger till 15 October at S$499. Challenger ValueClub members can purchase it for S$469. The Linksys MAX-STREAM Mesh WiFi 5 MR6350 will launch in Q4 2020 at the price of S$149.


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