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Local initiatives stand out at STGCC – CLUMP


The Singapore Toy, Game and Comics Convention (STGCC) has always been an exciting staple in the convention goer’s annual calendar due to the myriad of exciting international artistes from both East and West that are brought to the sunny shores of Singapore.

Yet the STGCC has also been a great platform for a few of our locally based artists and initiatives to promote themselves and raise their visibility further with the growing fan base that they have developed. Here Be Geeks took a look at them in this set of three feature stories on these local efforts.

Clump is a local initiative featuring two extremely cute mascot characters named Plum, a bear and Puff, a hamster.

We spoke with Dillion Ko, the director and mind behind Clump to find out more and learned that initially Plum and Puff were developed as part of a social messaging application that he was working on. He then felt that there was an opportunity to take the characters beyond the app and make them more relatable to people.

“It turns out that developing an (social messaging) app is pretty complicated and the current version wasn’t close to what I had envisioned. But the work and development of Plum and Puff wasn’t just something I wanted to abandon and I decided to try taking it in a different direction.”

And that different direction was in the form of merchandising and an event collaboration @ STGCC together with Prawnm33 ( and Rikka Blurhound (

“We were looking for something to connect the world of Clump (including Plum the bear) as well as wanting a real world representation – which turned out to be Eri, an event-only character that was designed and drawn by Prawnm33 and cosplayed by Rikka”

And this collaboration has turned out to be a success with many event goers at STGCC taking a liking to both the giant Plum plush at their booth as well as cutesy Eri. The Clump team hopes to attend more events locally and in the region, but with a unique difference as told by Dillion. “We’re planning to have different real-world representatives at each of the events we attend, almost like the different incarnations of a familiar character, so do look out for our next event and special cosplayer collaboration.”

It definitely sounds like an exciting adventure for the Clump team and also for the fan base that they’re looking to build further. We’re definitely excited to see how Clump develops as they strive ahead to endear the public to Plum and his adventures!

If you’re keen on finding out more, stay tuned to their Facebook ( and Instagram ( for updates!


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