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STGCC Breaking News: Ivan Brandon, Leinil Yu and Esad Ribic added!

Well, STGCC organizers just posted in their Facebook page this afternoon that they were going to announce more guests without leaving much hints. A comment later indicated guests related to comics – and now the reveal, that Ivan Brandon, Leinil Yu and Esad Ribic will be coming, as their facebook post indicates. Neither their main website nor twitter has updated yet, but this looks pretty much confirmed.

It appears that Reed Expo with their huge depth of comics related contacts and really pulled off something special here – getting people to fly 17 hours here (or more) is no mean feat. And guests of this caliber too… and even better, finally, a writer!

Ivan Brandon’s a writer (and one-time artist) who’s worked with Image before moving onto first Marvel then DC, and last worked on titles such as Final Crisis: Aftermath, Deadpool Teamups and Nemesis (not Mark Millar’s Nemesis). It’s exciting to have a full time writer as a main guest – I wonder what panel’s they might set up this time.

Esad Ribic is probably best known for his very painterly Marvel covers, such as those on Thor, and beautiful interiors in comics such as Silver Surfer: Requiem and X-Men: Second Coming.

Perhaps the biggest name is Leinil Francis Yu (don’t know why they dropped the Francis, but no biggie I guess) – a name tied with almost any major Marvel title these days. Check up any major title or crossover and he’s in there somewhere, and any huge Marvel fan would definitely have seen his work. Of late he’s been on New Avengers, Ultimate Avengers, Secret Invasion… even parts of Siege.

I wonder if STGCC has any more tricks up their sleeves… add these to Larocca, Camuncoli and Ortiz – this is going to be big!

UPDATE: STGCC has promised even more guests on their facebook comments. Comics related, maybe? Time to rename this convention… after all, Comic-Con works…


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