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STGCC 2014 day 1: Welcome home

The queue for Humberto Ramos' autograph (and sketches, but those ran out quickly). Photo: Alvin Chong
The queue for Humberto Ramos’ autograph (and sketches, but those ran out quickly). Photo: Alvin Chong

With 45,000 people expected over two days the Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention 2014 started pretty well – and the general vibe that we got from the floor was one of excitement and enjoyment. It’s late, and I want to get in early again tomorrow, so I’ll just throw up some pictures and small comments. Needless to say, I hope you had as much fun as I did!

A key highlight for me was handling the panels – it’s been a while since I did them and it still gets pretty tense. Still, being on stage and getting David Mack and Cameron Stewart move from the Fight Club 2 talk to talk about haters, I knew I struck a nerve. I would’ve have loved to get both of them to continue on about appreciating art and the right ways to do it without being an ass but time ran out. Stewart shared a bit more about what’s been going on backstage, and between him and David Mack, you could tell that it was something they were both very passionate about.

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The other panel with Harvey Tolibao, Philip Tan, Andy Price and Olivier Coipel didn’t go as smoothly (I’ll readily admit) – since I brought up the dreaded “D”-word (deadline) – but it did end with a lovely “what character does everybody hate to draw”. Turns out it’s mostly mechanical things, unless you’re Mr Harvey Tolibao, then you actually love doing that.

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There’s no con without cosplayers, and I have to say the standard gets better every year. I didn’t have my camera with me all the time (being busy with panels / carrying too much loot) so I missed some, but I was impressed. As Peter says, this makes people want to actually become cosplayers for at least two weeks after the con.

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And also, the amazing figures. With Hot Toys, Enterbay, XM Studios AND Imaginarium Art – it was a feast for the eyes, and not so much for the wallet. Play Imaginative was missing this year – wonder what happened.

This is XM Studio's Magento. It is amazing. Buy it for me please. Photo: Alvin Chong
This is XM Studio’s Magento. It is amazing. Buy it for me please. Photo: Alvin Chong

You need to take a second look at XM Studio’s Magneto. That detail? Stunning.

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And finally, meeting the creators, and of course, getting sketches. It’s been a pleasure, once again – organisers Reed have once again managed to bring a great assortment of guests (and more than guests last year’s con), and with strong voices that makes it great to just have a chat with them.

This year, I didn’t quite hit the ground running, trying to grab as many sketches as possible. In fact, I didn’t even bring any comics to sign – despite sorting about 30% of them over the last two weeks of August. I was wondering if I was actually feeling some sort of con fatigue …

And as I was walking home at the end of the day after dinner with the guys, it all came together – especially with people sharing their joy on social media. This feeling I got wasn’t about being less excited about the guests, or getting things signed – but a lovely feeling of contentment, that in the end, going to STGCC every year is like going home.

See you guys again in a few hours!


The technological backbone of, Alvin’s machinist-nature also ensures that this blog remains alive when the unpredictable Murphy’s Law comes into effect.

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