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STGCC 2012 Day 2: It’s over!

Wow. Been taking the night to recover from STGCC (and watching Doctor Who), but we’re back with our review of Day 2 in STGCC. We’ve already uploaded our pictures onto Facebook last night, but stick around for a more in-depth blow by blow.

First up: Highlights from the Epigram panel, How To Maximise Wealth, Ace Your Exams And Be A Winning Winner By Drawing Comics, featuring Sonny Liew, Dave Chua, Xiao Yan, Drewscape (Andrew Tan), Koh Hong Teng, Miel and Oh Yong Hwee, and hosted by Singapore’s own comicman (comic-man?), Adan Jimenez.

It was an interesting panel especially with Epigram Books CEO Edmund Wee in the crowd very proudly giving out the previews. The myriad styles on show on the previews, the enthusiasm and passion on show – it was really heartening and a great, great way to start day 2 of the convention. The books will be launched in November (except Sonny’s next year), so keep an eye out for them! Anyway, here are some choice quotes from the panel:

We also stuck around for the panel Evolution Of Heroes And Villains featuring Andy Diggle, Mark Brooks, Andie Tong, Leinil Yu, Gerry Alanguilan and Mark Torres (2 Andy/ies and 2 Marks) and moderated by Nicholas Yong. Perhaps one of the best panels yet – mostly because there was lots to talk about and the best parts came when there wasn’t any true moderation – the guests really just let loose on whether they thought Kick-Ass was a hero for the modern times (summation seems to be a modern character that might be born of our age, but not truly a hero by strict definition – don’t quote me on this), and why The Dark Knight Rises is a bad movie. And for the best moment of the day Andy Diggle puts it:

And we agree. Another great moment was during the Q&A when someone asked about Doctor Who and teenagers – Gerry Alanguilan’s anecdote stood out, as he mentioned that the kids in his household all love Doctor Who but don’t speak English, so their first English word is actually “Exterminate”. What better way to learn English than from the Doctor? Here are some more choice quotes:

We also had more time on the floor – and two things were obvious: The cosplays were taking it up a notch, and the show floor was just amazing. I kept walking back and forth between the booths (also queuing for sketches at the Walk Of Fame) because there was so much to see and get done, and so, many, awesome, cosplays. What really wowed me were the western cosplays – from The Wiccan and Jubilee to Thor battling Loki to tons of Lokis to Adventure Time to Doctor Who to Community – it was really a sight to behold. Kudos to each and every one of you for putting in the effort. We have lots of pics of them in the Facebook and below, so do check them out.

We spent almost the whole day at STGCC again, but with about an hour left our legs gave way and we made the long trudge back home. It’s sad that STGCC is over once again – with the great guests, fantastic floor, fervent fans and the creative cosplays it was truly an STGCC to remember. Leaving felt like a pain in the hearts – it’s as if we could have just spent that extra hour squeezing the marrow out of the con. Kudos to Rita and the REEDpop crew for pulling it off and making it even better even without the REED guys from the US (that being said, dear Peter Tatara and Mike Armstrong, you are always welcome! Missed you this year). Hopefully the growth of the STGCC brand continues – and it just keeps getting better.

And finally – it was great to have Pete and Melvin there, together with the very, very tired Kakita. STGCC wouldn’t have been complete without you guys. Also to Tina and Ryan for hanging out with us, and Vivien for lunch! And truly, everybody else that I haven’t listed – you guys made the con complete. That’s pretty much it for us for this year’s STGCC – but hey, keep the geek growing in Singapore.


The technological backbone of, Alvin’s machinist-nature also ensures that this blog remains alive when the unpredictable Murphy’s Law comes into effect.

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