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Stephanie Hans headed to STGCC

We’re months away from STGCC, but it looks like the first guest has been revealed, and it’s an amazing choice: Stephanie Hans.

(Art: Stephanie Hans / Marvel)

Hans needs little introduction, but if you don’t know, she’s behind some of the best art in comic books today, her ethereal style complementing works like The Wicked + The Divine, Angela and (the best issue of) Fearless Defenders. In a Facebook post on Wednesday (mar 23), Hans posted that she’ll be in Singapore for a month where she’ll “attend the comic convention”.

No prizes for guessing which convention it is, given how many we have (in September), but this also comes as part of a sort of 8-month journey for her. She’ll be headed to Japan, South Korea, China and New York, and as for Singapore, she’ll be staying for a month.

Also, she’s looking for a place to stay in Singapore. We do have a free room, but we’ll have to move out the comics first …



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