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Singapore ComiFest 2011

As STGCC and AFA 2010 fade slowly into our collective memories, having to wait another whole year for those back to back events seems tantamount to asking us to go without food, water and comics for, well, a year. No way that’s going to happen! It’s a good thing that the crew at Full House Communications and TCZ Studio are organizing a mini event on the 5th and 6th of March 2011 – SG ComiFest! To be held at Suntec City lvl 3 Green Atlantic Room from 11 am to 9pm on both days, SG ComiFest aims to gather ACG – Anime, Comics and Game – fans. Best of all? It’s going to be free!

It appears that the organizers do want to keep things simple and small, stressing on their SgCafe posting and main website that it’s a MINI event. As a first time event it’s good not to get hopes up, but given the gap between events people would definitely be hungry for more.

The guests and booths are far from being announced, but Dream Walker, a local comic, and local artist Abdul Wahid will be there, together with Thai artist Losting-Brain. as for more updates, why not follow their twitter or facebook account?

Oh! And that little girl above? She’s Pura, the mascot for ComiFest! Definitely has a strong feline influence, what with her wielding a catkey… and there’s a fanart competition of sorts for her.

So, who’s up for Singapore ComiFest 2011?


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