Mel’s Muses: Marvel’s Infinite Series Deathlok

It took awhile but the third series of Hasbro’s popular 3.75-inch Marvel Infinite Series Wave 3 has finally arrived. Just as I have featured classic villains Grim Reaper and Whirlwind from waves 1 and 2 respectively, here’s a quick look at Marvel’s killer cyborg Deathlok from this latest wave.


Fans of the TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will remember the character Deathlok (Mike Peterson) from season one as played by actor J. August Richards but here’s the comic book version which I’m sure you’ll agree, looks a whole lot meaner and better than the one on TV.

Now if you think his origin on TV was complicated, wait till you see what’s it like in the comics! For starters, there is more than one person calling himself Deathlok, starting with Colonel Luther Manning in 1974, followed by a bunch of other guys including some from different timelines as well as a recent female teenage version from the Avengers Arena storyline. Plus Manning the original Deathlok was also a character in this month’s issue of The All-New Invaders.



Although he’s a minor Marvel character, he’s still a fan favorite and this is one figure that I believe fans will really like. He shouldn’t be that difficult to find either as I have spotted him on more than a few shelves in almost all the major retail outlets.



The level of detail on this 3.75-inch figure is impressive. Check out that snarl and facial expression. Body paintjob is excellent too especially when there are quite a few different layers and colors involved. I couldn’t spot any major blemishes on my figure.


We got two accessories here, well, three if you count the detachable backpack. There’s a larger blaster rifle and a handgun that fits nicely in his holster.



We got the classic chest pivot as well as a swivel waist so that’s always good. Most of the usual hinges and swivels are all there too so you know this is a highly playable figure with great articulation. I dare say that this is a figure that looks cool from every angle.






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