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Why go to STGCC part 2: Toy edition

Photo: Sonny Liew
Photo: Sonny Liew
From games, now it’s on to toys at the Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention. Games are still a relatively simple thing, but when it comes to toys, there’s an embarrassment of variety out there, from vinyl toys to the amazing (gone-in-mere-minutes, but if you’re lucky you can get one if you queue) Hot Toys, and everything in between. While there are no toy panels this year, with the focus strongly on the comics, anime and general pop-culture of it all, there’s no need to fret – toy fanatics can spend their time queuing for toys instead. The STGCC exclusive Metroplex by Hasbro at The Falcon’s Hangar would be one of the must-gets of the convention – but here’s what we find is going to be eye-catching at STGCC.

Photo: Hot Toys
Photo: Hot Toys
For starters, ladies and gentleman, appears to be the battle of the ages. While Hot Toys have always had the most amazing displays (last year’s was Avengers themed), this year they’re going balls-out crazy with what they did at at Hysan Place in April this year for the launch of Iron Man 3. Repeat or not – this is an amazing booth that’s going to be filled with people grabbing photos, and for good reason. They’re at booth E3 – expect that area to be packed.

Photo: Marvel
Photo: Marvel
And on the other side we have Play Imaginative who’s not only going to be hosting Devilrobots, but also Marvel artist Adi Granov, the designer of many of the armours that Play Imaginative has on display for their huge, huge Iron Man 3 collection. They showed off their Jim Lee Batman last year, and showed off way more earlier this year at the Iron Man 3 launch, but now they’re pulling out all the stops with their life-size Iron Man Mk42 fibreglass figure. I’m assuming you can relak-one-corner with it, if the person in the queue in front of you actually decides to get up. They’re at booth G3 and H3, so there’s definitely going to be quite a lot of things on show.

And there’s also Nathan (son of Mark) Hamill (who also does the Simpsons for Bongo Comics on top of toys and his own creations), lots of Despicable Me 2 stuff, Manchester United Figures, and Sonny Liew’s own Pinocchio (seen at the top of the post) – what I really, really wanted to do was to tally up the price of all the exclusives and general big-name toys. So I did it mentally and came up with the sum of … One bajillion dollars.

Suffice to say, bring your wallet. Afraid to spend money? Why not try to win some Tokidoki toys thanks to Geek Crusade? Simone Legno will be happy!

And to end – here’s Metroplex! Available for pre-order at The Falcon’s Hangar. What a beaut!

Photo: The Falcon's Hangar
Photo: The Falcon’s Hangar


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