Malinky Robot a finalist in Spectrum Fantastic Art awards!

We’re very happy to announce that the following page from Malinky Robot, the short story compilation sprung from the genius of Sonny Liew and released last year, is one of five finalists in the Comics category for the 19th Spectrum Fantastic Art awards.

Since 1994, Spectrum has promoted “fantastic art”, including science fiction, fantasy, horror and the genres in-between, by publishing an annual filled with art submissions that a jury has selected. Sonny’s art has been featured in Spectrum before, back in the 2001, 2002, 2007 and 2010 annuals, and this year might be the year he wins either the very prestigious Gold or Silver award for the Comics category.

Other Comics category contenders this year include Jim Murray’s Dota 2 tie-in comic, Phroilan Gardner’s painting of the Cimmerian Conan entitled “The Destroyer“, Andy Brase’s cover art for IDW’s D&D: Dark Sun series and Alex Alice’s graphic novel Siegfried. Interestingly, since submissions are at the creator’s discretion, this broad category pits one page’s worth of sequential panels like Sonny’s and Murray’s (as opposed to a whole story), stand-alone paintings like Gardner’s and comic book covers like Brase’s and Alice’s. The winners of the Gold and Silver awards in each category will be revealed at a live event held on the weekend of May 18-20, in Kansas City.

Perhaps we are biased (and why not, huh?) but it looks like Sonny’s whimsical human-robot interaction does stand out amidst the fantasy worlds depicted in the others. We hope this will place him in good stead, and that it’ll win him one of the two awards and dispense yet another honour on a genius that has helped us transcend our own imaginations.

Peter Lin

His teenage years spent nursing a giant man-crush on Steve Rogers, the first Captain America, Peter naturally found himself drawn to many other heroes who depicted strong, manly qualities, including the honour-bound warrior Worf, first Klingon in Starfleet, and the muscular rock hard abs of The Thing.

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