Sarah Coldheart’s 5 Geeky Things to Look Out for in 2011

5) Cosplay/ comics/ anime events like Cosfest, AFA and STGCC.

If you can understand the acronyms, good for you! The various anime and comic conventions would be more opportunities for cosplay, buying artwork from the artists themselves and pretty much generally having fun. It’s always like a geek reunion of sorts seeing everyone else at these conventions. Not sure if AFA will be in SG due to their contracts.

4) Free Comic Book daaaaaay!

Free comics, seriously. What else? Last year was fun and you get to get other free comic goodies for dressing up! I go to my choice of comic store and that’s the one at GnB. Not sure if other comic stores here are doing it though!

3) Buffy Season 9 starts

After the weird insanity of tentacle monsters, Angel being Twilight and overall weirdness… Season 9 better be less weird and I want more Faith! MORE FAITH! I’m a BtVS fan, any season is better than no season.

2) Singapore Writers’ Festival.

They usually bring in authors into SG, not sure of 2011’s line up but the previous one had Neil Gaiman, Mark Waid and other comic writers besides well known authors. Free entry to the festival and getting up close to famous authors? Heck yes! Not sure of 2011’s line up but I’m sure it would be good.

1) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 aka THE END

It’s the last movie of the series unless they make a remake (hopefully not! or at least not in this decade!). Lots of sobbing to be had from fans I foresee here since we’ve all come along for a very long ride with the books and now, the last part of the movie. If everything goes to plan, there should be a HP party going on too…

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