Comic Chunks: Catching up!

A new year, new comics and Here Be Geeks celebrated their FIRST ANNIVERSARY yesterday! Yes! As for now, I just have three comics and it’s She Hulks #3, Batgirl #17 and Birds of Prey #8.

She Hulks #3 – SOUND OFF! Well, Lyra’s disguise got busted by her schoolmate Amelia Hopkins who pretty much looks like a punk hipster girl. Anyway, she’s ok… After being ejected out of a freaking jet that’s being attacked by gorillas. Yeah, you read that. This is why civilians should not be such a busybody to creep up into strange jets just to record footage to upload on Youtube.

Safety > Cam-whoryness, ok? Anyway, next issue is on the school dance and did… Amelia ask Lyra out in a flirty way? I DON’T KNOW, it looks like it even if it isn’t. We’ll see how the dance goes since it seems that Lyra would be hulking out then.

Damien is still such a brat in Batgirl #17. He’s ok… But he’s a brat. Which by now you can guess that it’s a Batgirl and Robin team up once more! They’re on a case on a group of kidnappers who’s been grabbing up middle class kids of Gotham.

Even though the two are pretty good at teaming up, Steph realizes that Damien doesn’t know how to play or have fun! Being the nice girl that she is (generally), the ending for this issue is cute as they sneak on to a bouncy castle so that she could just play with him. Awww big sister Steph! How sweet.

And for Birds of Prey #8, the girls are in actual trouble after faking to be in trouble! Oracle knows she did a bad thing in which she deleted memories of her from the Calculator or was that really a bad thing? After all, he was the one who brought it up to himself. Though deleting memories, well that was the cause of another events wide series arc anyway. Meanwhile, Batman aka the original Batman Bruce Wayne is there to help out.

When he enters, he’s pretty much scary to pretty much any villain. Even with his help, the B.O.P are on their own to keep the charade of Dawn being “Oracle”. It’s like a game where Oracle aka Babs is the controller of these ladies and she’s starting to need to rethink her strategy since it keeps changing. I shouldn’t worry on her… Much. Well, actually I can but somehow Oracle’s got to make her own decisions to keep the team together while faking her own death. So tough decisions, babeeeh. What will she do to keep things under control? We’ll have to wait for the next issue for that.

That’s it for comic chunks! Next week will have a Buffy special, it’s the end of SEASON 8! The past issues in the later half of the season has been pretty weird so we’ll see who dies and who lives in the last issue of season 8 – #40!

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