Comic Chunks: All’s fair in love and war

This week we have She Hulks’ Last Dance #4, Batgirl #18, Birds of Prey #9 and Gotham City Sirens #19. Heh, shipment’s come in somewhat late these days due to the Chinese New Year holidays! But here we go.

She Hulk’s Last Dance #4 is the last issue of this mini series of She Hulks! Lyra goes to prom and aww, she’s such a reluctant girl somewhat to wear a dress.

Unfortunately I am left wondering if this mini series is just it. It ended on a really depressive note for Lyra with our regular She Hulk – Jennifer Walters telling her that it is up to them to save and rescue those who would hate them too. An emoticon sums up the last page as I read it, it is this:


Really? Her friend Amelia doesn’t even want to stick up for her since she wants to keep her popularity so she pretends she doesn’t know Lyra was a She Hulk? What kind of ending is this where Lyra leaves the prom, not being able to check out if her male friend was ok after The Wizard shot him and that Jen has to comfort her as she dumps her dress in the trash can?!

I am disappointed that the ending leaves with Lyra in such a “The world is sucky” state. This better be continued in another series or something because it’s a downer for a mini series ending.

And heh Valentines’ Day is when I’m posting this and it’s that day for Batgirl too in Batgirl #18! This issue’s a “one-shot” where Batgirl meets Klarion the Witch-Boy while she’s finding out who or what killed a man.

Duh duh duh… Well, I don’t know if it’s spoilerish to say who the killer is but the two team up to find him. Magic is involved and you get to see Batgirl dressed as a pilgrim. She’s really cute with her hat and dress on. I like how the artwork changes when they’re in the “magic world”  and somehow Steph doesn’t mind that she’s unmasked for this?

I guess considering he’s not from her realm and will go away or something like that. No matter, they both manage to solve the problem and heh, she brings him out on a date. Somewhat. Well, she managed to kiss him to shut him up anyway and candy is involved so all is good! Buy your ladies/dudes this issue for a V-day gift. It would be nice. Yes.

Birds of Prey #19 continues with Dinah aka Black Canary still being in her mind getting guilt tripped by Mortis. Well, she gets awesome in breaking out of this mind attack.

What’s more important though is that while it seems that there’s an underlying feeling of panic going on with Oracle, she seems to know what’s the next step. The girls have really good chemistry with each other to improvise with what they have.

However, with this “Is Oracle dead…or not??” ending when her air craft had been blasted and crash, you wonder if it’s all planned. FOR IT WOULD BE SUCKY IF SHE REALLY DID DIE! Something tells me at the end of this arc, you’d want to reread the previous issues to go “Ohhh!” and see the foreshadowing or things you might have missed out to come to such a conclusion.

Lastly we have Gotham City Sirens #9. Oh my what. I can see why the Harley fans are all wondering what is up with her characterization here.

It was firstly a “Boo hoo, I angst but I still love Batman” thing going on with Catwoman. Talia, by the way is still such an annoying woman. IT WAS HER that arranged the kidnapping and the mind attack on Selina. I never did like Talia since she had a very creepy obsession of love with Bruce.

Boo hoo Selina boo hoo Bruce love things. Halfway through this self-angst thing, Harley suddenly gets all unhinged when she’s reminded of her time with Joker.

And now she’s going to kill him.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. Well, that’s for this week’s comic chunks! Hopefully no more shipment delays since there isn’t a holiday coming up soon on shipment days!

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