Chuck S3E02: Chuck vs the Three Words

And we’re right back into the next episode of Chuck. I question the need to do this, if we’d just had regular scheduling for Chuck (and no Jay Leno show) would we be having this situation? I mean, Chuck pretty much can stand on its own without having to draw ratings by showing 2 episodes back to back. Does it …

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Heroes S4E14: Let It Bleed

The Story So Far: This followed immediately after the previous episode, so maybe they’ll take the opportunity to give Nathan’s death a little more gravity. I have my doubts, but here goes. Afterthoughts: So, let me get this straight. Bennet and Lauren interrogate Ray “Darth Maul” Park, Peter and Claire bond creepily at Nathan’s wake and try to play ‘Superhero’ …

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Heroes S4E13: Upon This Rock

The Story So Far: Okay, so when Heroes Season 4 took its holiday hiatus, there wasn’t really much to build up to. In fact, despite the medium sized payoff of the really slow plot in episode 11, episode 12 went on to majorly mire it in the same depressive doldrums that plagued the rest of the season. Despite all that, …

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