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Kith and Kriel!

Hordes is known as the wilder, younger sister of Warmachine, and I could say that I agree with that sentiment. It’s fully compatible with Warmachine, but has a different mechanic, and showcases monstrous beasts, rather than the hulking warjacks as seen in Warmachine. I also play a faction/group in Hordes, the Trollbloods. Like Khador, it’s seen as one of the …

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Grind Part 1

Cross genre games are always fun, especially when it comes to Privateer Press games. Much like Game’s Workshop’s Bloodbowl, the idea of Grind is like American Football, except with giant 10-ton metal behemoths.  And like Bloodbowl, the idea is pretty awesome… come on, ten ton monsters slamming into each other! The icing on the cake is when Privateer Press reupdated …

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For The Motherland!

This is the hobby I’ve been constantly spending my time over; miniature wargaming. Or to be specific, Warmachine. Where warjacks (giant steampunk robots) controlled armored casters try to cave each other’s hull in. Set in the Iron Kingdoms, Warmachine has been described as Steampunk, but calls itself Full-Metal Fantasy. And Full-Metal Fantasy it is. we’ll talk about the various intricacies …

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