Scribblenauts Showdown Review: The Writing’s on the Wall

Scribblenauts Showdown marks the first time in the game franchise’s decade-long history to have a release on a Sony and Microsoft console. So does this groundbreaking game live up to the expectations of the franchise? In not so many words, no.

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Pacific Rim: Uprising – The Review

There are some out there who would like you to believe that Guillermo Del Toro’s deft hand is the only reason why the original Pacific Rim was elevated from b-grade sci-fi action to cult classic. They posit that with the auteur’s attention turned other works, Pacific Rim: Uprising was left to wither on the vine, and would be a pale …

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Black Panther: The Review

Black Panther review

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) celebrates 10 years this year, with Black Panther the first of three movies from Marvel Studios in the next 6 months. This long-awaited film not only delivers a high-quality action-adventure that Marvel has set the standard for, but may have just set a new high standard of its own. After a series of commercially successful, …

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Civilization VI Rise and Fall: The Review

Three weeks ago, we did a preview on Civilization VI’s new expansion, Rise and Fall. Today, thanks again to the wonderful guys at 2k Games (and Firaxis), I’m here to review Rise and Fall proper. Empire of the Sun After having a go as Poundmaker of the Cree, I decided to try my second round as Seondeok of Korea. They’re …

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Black Lightning: The Review

Black Lightning Review

The first episode of Black Lightning begins with this poem: “Justice, like lightning, should ever appear, to some men, hope, and to other men, fear.” These words, lifted directly from the comics source material, clearly indicate how much this new superhero series is dedicated to staying true to its roots. Black Lightning gives the limelight to a relatively unknown character …

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