Sebastian Stan is Bucky!

Big casting news today and while I’m glad there’s a lot of mainstream attention on it, there’s only so much that can be said on those , unfortunately. Fortunately, there’s a lot to expound on from the geek POV, so without further ado, how this Captain America fan feels about Sebastian Stan taking on the hallowed role of Bucky in …

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I’m Here – When Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

Spike Jonze’s latest short film, I’m Here, was released online about 2 weeks ago, and I finally got myself a ticket to watch it. First up, it’s an interesting experiment, releasing an online film just like a real movie, with release timings and seating limits. For the first day or so the digital queues to watch I’m Here were probably …

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How to Train your Dragon

As someone who plays Dungeons and Dragons (yes I’m cool with 4th ed, in case anyone asks), I don’t think I could pass some a movie with dragons in it. I watched Eragon, Reign of Fire and yes even the D&D Movie. Thankfully I think How to Train your Dragon ranks up there in dragon movies (probably somewhere along the …

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