Beauty and the Beast review: Ever Just the Same, Ever a Surprise

Beauty and the Beast review

A review by the Lois and Clark of HereBeGeeks – Sarah and Peter.   26 years have passed since the iconic animated classic Beauty and the Beast was released, and it still remains a significant cornerstone of Disney’s treasury. It is the first animated film to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, the first animated film to win a …

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Absolute Comics Trends on Singapore Twitter – Due To The Worst Reason Possible

So this happened: That’s right – in between Singapore Twitter trends #KimJongNam and #CAPAsummit (not, unfortunately, the hashtag for my ultimate dream fantasy Captain America summit), is the name “Absolute Comics”, a local comic shop currently based in Plaza Singapura. A comic book shop, trending on Singapore Twitter! Unfortunately, it was trending due to their review of Logan – a review that …

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Logan review: X hits the spot

Seventeen years of X-Men movies later, and here we are: It’s Wolverine’s swan (X-Cutioner’s?) Song. Here, Hugh Jackman returns to this beloved character to bookend his mutant adventure in what is a fitting farewell to the Logan. In Logan, it’s 2029, and there are no more new mutants. Wolverine is in hiding in Mexico, his body wrecked by battle scars and …

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The Lego Batman Movie: Not the hero we deserve, but the one we need

 In a time when the movies are dark (see Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad) and real life even darker (see just about any news channel), there comes a time when the world needs a movie… with shredded abs. The Lego Batman Movie is that movie. A tangential spin-off to the Lego Movie, The Lego Batman Movie shows Batman (again) …

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Hacksaw Ridge review: Where war and peace collide

Hacksaw Ridge is a war movie where the lead character won’t bear arms. A curious premise, but it turns out it’s worth a shot: The movie – Mel Gibson’s first directorial attempt in over a decade – is definitely a compelling watch.  The film tells the amazing true story of Desmond Doss, the first and only “conscientious objector” to win the Medal of Honor during …

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