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New PlayStation 4 Pro 2TB model and God Of War bundle coming to Singapore

If you’re still running out of space on your PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 4 Pro will be available in the 2TB flavour coming 11 Jan 2019, announced Sony Interactive Hong Kong. It’ll only be available in Jet Black, but you can always get stickers / pay more attention to your screen anyway. The PS4 Pro 2TB console will retail at …

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Sandbox VR’s latest adventure Amber Sky is a blast to the stars

As the Virtual Reality gaming scene continues to expand in Singapore, Sandbox VR is adding a new science-fiction adventures to its library, Amber Sky 2088. It joins Sandbox VR’s two other adventures, Deadwood Mansion, a (super fun) zombie adventure, and The Curse Of Davy Jones (which we haven’t tried). With the launch earlier this month, we went down to their …

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Singaporean Games and the Google Indie Games Accelerator

The Google Indie Games Accelerator.

Indie Games Accelerator (IGA) is a turbocharged-masterclass-bootcamp designed and organised by Google to boost indie game companies situated in the South East Asian and South Asian regions. Google is no stranger to these global initiatives, having spearheaded previous events such as the Google Play Indie Games Festival and Indie Game Developers Day. The IGA recently concluded its inaugural camp in …

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Resident Evil 2 preview: More than just a remake

Its been 20 years since the action-horror classic Resident Evil 2 stormed our PlayStations and GameCubes, and now that the nightmares have subsided, the producers have decided that the time is ripe to haunt our dreams once more. On 25 January 2019, a new version of Resident Evil 2 will be re-released for PlayStation 4, Xbox ONE and Windows. If …

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Q&A: Monster Hunter World with Kaname Fujioka & Yuya Tokuda

The HBG crew got an opportunity for a Q&A session with two members of the team behind Monster Hunter World, Capcom’s best-selling game with over 10 million copies shipped worldwide – Kaname Fujioka, Executive Director/Art Director and Yuya Tokuda, Director at Gamestart Asia 2018. Here are some of the questions asked and answers given during the group media interview session. Q: …

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