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Civilization VI deep dive: The road to war

Civilization VI

Civilization VI has overhauled many systems, but how you win seems largely unchanged. Four of the five victories (Score, Scientific, Cultural and Domination) are relatively identical to previous games, while the new way to win is via religion, which replaces Civilization V’s diplomatic victory. For you warmongers, here we focus on the Domination Victory. WAR, WAR (ALMOST) NEVER CHANGES The Domination Victory still …

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What’s new in Civilization VI? A deep dive into the new mechanics

The upcoming Civilization VI brings tons of new mechanics, which can be confusing for both old and new fans. With the game coming out in about 10 days, here’s our first deep dive into some of the new mechanics in Civilization VI. (This is not a review of Civilization VI. If you want one, check this out. Hint: The answer …

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One week with Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI launches in less than two weeks, and since our first impressions, we’ve had more time to give the preview from 2K Games a go. We were only allowed to play at Prince difficulty and choose from 10 out of 20 leaders, but there was already enough in there for us to have a good idea of how …

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GameStart levels up with version 3

After an awesome first two years, the region’s first proper gaming con GameStart is back this weekend, Oct 7 to 9, for more explosive fun. The past years have been a total blast – and this year the show is going to be bigger and better than ever. What: GameStart Asia 2016 When: Oct 7 (2pm to 9pm), Oct 8-9 …

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First impressions: Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Any PC gamer worth his salt would have tried a Civilization game at some point. Now in its sixth iteration – Civilization VI (obviously) – we managed to get a night’s worth of turns (and a lack of sleep) thanks to the guys at 2K. We had 10 out of 20 civilizations to choose from – here are our early …

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