Superman v Wonder Woman: Comparing the Alien and the Amazon

superman wonder woman

No, this isn’t who would win in a fight. (It’s Diana.) But comparing the Last Son of Krypton and the Princess of Themyscira has taken a rise following the release of Wonder Woman, despite being apples and oranges, so we’re going to do the same. Part by part. Plus, picking out parallelisms between two of my favourite capes? I’m down.

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The Black Panther teaser trailer is epic

We’ve seen quite a few epic trailers this year, from Wonder Woman to Thor: Ragnarok, but we suspect Black Panther’s teaser trailer has taken home the proverbial cake. It’s really good. Watch it above. Then check out EW’s trailer breakdown here, it has quite a good look at the various things you see in the teaser. That said, we await …

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Wonder Woman: The Review

 A review by the Lois and Clark of HereBeGeeks – Sarah and Peter Peter: Let’s get one thing out of the way first – not everyone will like this film. If you’re one of the minority who don’t, here’s why: You’ve been conditioned to expect a certain formula from superhero films and Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman simply refuses to adhere …

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Arthur Adams, Frank Cho coming for STGCC 2017

Legendary comic artist Arthur Adams is headed to the Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention, according to some very sharp comic fans! He’ll be at STGCC 2017 with his wife, artist Joyce Chin. Joining them is the controversial artist Frank Cho, as well as mangaka Fujima Takuya.  The guest list was spotted on the STGCC website – but it appears …

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Thor: Ragnarok “Teaser” Trailer Drops And It’s The Best

Thor Ragnarok EW

Wait. Stop. Have you watched the trailer? No. Scroll up, click “Play”. I’ll wait.

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