Sarah Lee

Her appreciations in life include puns and fictional ladies. Also, Lois Lane is her Supreme Queen of Everything.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix – The Review

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is the latest installment of a superhero film franchise that spanned two decades. In that time, there have been both critical and commercial hits and real duds that we don’t and will never ever talk about. Where does Dark Phoenix fall in that spectrum? It’s honestly hard to say. A review by Sarah and Peter (Credit: 20th …

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Shazam!: The Review

A review by Sarah and Peter It is a tribute to the magic of superhero movies how Shazam! can exist in 2019. It is an origin story of one of the first and most classic of superheroes, one of the most popular of the Golden Age, yet also one that has struggled to struggled to maintain his relevance today. Looking …

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Superman v Wonder Woman: Comparing the Alien and the Amazon

superman wonder woman

No, this isn’t who would win in a fight. (It’s Diana.) But comparing the Last Son of Krypton and the Princess of Themyscira has taken a rise following the release of Wonder Woman, despite being apples and oranges, so we’re going to do the same. Part by part. Plus, picking out parallelisms between two of my favourite capes? I’m down.

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Sanjay’s Super Team: The Review

Sanjay’s Super Team is simply, well, super. Directed by Sanjay Patel, the seven-minute short animated film tells the partly-biographical tale of an Indian boy who reluctantly joins his father in their morning Hindu prayer ritual. Little Sanjay, our protagonist, prefers to watch his favourite superhero cartoon, “Super Team”, on television instead. In the midst of meditation, Sanjay gets lost in …

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Holy 75 Years! Robin – Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

We began Holy 75 Years! with a look at the first Robin so it’s time to look at the latest person to take on the mantle. Not so coincidentally, we also ended yesterday’s Holy 75 Years! with the promise of another of Bruce Wayne’s kids. That’s right, the Robin of today is a Wayne and it’s none other than…

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